Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ikaw Lamang ~ You Alone

A few weeks ago, a Youtube friend and great singer Erwin Lazaro suggested we collaborate on this song "Ikaw Lamang " This song was composed by Ogie Alcacid and made popular by Gary Valenciano.

As I live in Australia, I have not heard this song before and not familiar with it. I told Erwin to give me a few weeks to see what I can do..  I did a search on  Youtube and  found there are other songs with the same title but managed to find Gary Valenciano's recording .  It is a lovely song and decided  to work on it straight away.   Applying the techniques I wrote about in my blog,  " How to learn songs quickly and play it well ",  I was able to get the song ready for recording within 2 weeks. (bit tricky for keyboard players as midway through,  the arrangement trasposes to the Key of  B  (seven flats) . ( I smile as I get through that passage.. )     Erwin's magnificent performance transcend the feelings and emotions of this song.. There is a saying, ' Music is a wondrous gift from God " and I felt that listening to this video.  I did say to Erwin that this song was made for him.  Thank you for sharing your gift and passion for all to enjoy. It was a Great pleasure to collaborate with you on "Ikaw Lamang". 
 Erwin is well known for his music video  covers posted on his youtube channel LazaroLiving Dream.   Erwin  is also passionate about his work and interest .  check out the web site  :  Lazaro Living Dream. 

Erwin Lazaro / Vocalist  & Dennis Dizon / Pianist

Lyrics and English Translation by Erwin Lazaro:

Ikaw Lamang - You alone 

ang tangi kong iniisip - My only thought

ang lagi kong panaginip - I have always dreamt

tayong dalawa ay laging nagmamahalan - We two will always love each other 
pangarap ko - I dream

na kailan ma'y 'di maglaho - It will never fade away

ang pag-ibig kong ito - I love what we have

pagka't hinding-hindi ko makakayang mawalay sa-yo 
                                                            - For I can never afford to be away from you 

ikaw lamang ang buhay ko - You alone are my life

sana nama'y pakinggan mo - I wish you would listen to me

ang puso ko na mayroong sinasabing - My heart has said

Ikaw Lamang - You alone ...
ang tangi kong minamahal - My only beloved
ang lagi kong dinarasal - I have always prayed
sana'y habangbuhay tayong makasama - I hope for our entire lives we will be together
ang puso ko'y - My heart
ibibigay lamang sa'yo - I give it all to you
ito ang aking pangako - This is my promise
mula ngayon hanggang magpakailan pa man - From now until forever
Ikaw Lamang - You alone ...
Ikaw lamang ang buhay ko - You alone are my life
sana giliw pakinggan mo - I wish for you to hear
ang puso ko na mayroong sinasabing - My heart has said
(repeat chorus)

Ikaw Lamang - You alone ...

Here is my instrumental version.of Ikaw Lamang written by Ogie Alcasid.

This is the Karaoke Version with Tagalog lyrics and scenery from the Philippines

Music gives a Soul to the Universe.
Wings To the Mind
Flight To the Imagination
And Life To Everything..... Plato


  1. The feelings are mutual, Dennis. I have to tell you that when my wife viewed and listened to our collaboration for the first time, tears freely flowed down her cheeks. She can be a harsh critic of my covers and our efforts surpassed her expectations.

    You don't know how much it means to me that you understand exactly what it is that I am doing. My journey on YouTube first started by my wife throwing me out into the public eye. And then, I made it a mission to post videos for the sake of my children to enjoy as they grow up. Now, my journey has grown way passed YouTube and has developed into a passion for sharing the gifts given to me in hopes that others will be inspired to live life to the fullest. I am sickened by our world as it is, Dennis. I'm stumbling along the way, but I refuse to sit idly and let this world continue spiraling downward. I am doing everything I can to join those spirits that want life to thrive and even more importantly, give thanks and be humbled by all that is given to me. I am carefully paying attention to the signs that direct my life and not taking anything for granted. I know I am doing what is asked of me, and though I wish I could instantly realize my plans, every day counts towards my goals. In my small way, I am doing what I can to be a positive force in this world.

    I believe you understand me because you are also living in a similar manner. The experiences you have shared about your own life clearly defines that. Therefore, I have not expressed anything but the truth of what I have learned about you, Dennis. You are a role model for me and I am sure you are a role model for those within your own community.

    It is also my great pleasure to collaborate with you on "Ikaw Lamang". Thanks again for this incredible experience.

    I pray that you and yours will be Blessed, for Always, Dennis!

  2. It's wonderful to know that your wife was moved by our collaboration and that it surpassed her expectations.

    This collaboration is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished, despite us being in different continents.
    I appreciate the work you put in recording your voice and editing the video. Our respective talents blended in well to create this inspiring music for all to enjoy.
    Its great to know people like you who serve as a positive force in this world. I wish you continued success in your musical journey. Blessings to you and your family.