Sunday, 25 August 2013

Help Me Get Over ~ dizzysfingers cover including Lyrics and Chords

Help Me Get Over~ played by dizzysfingers

Not sure who wrote this beautiful song but I was told the composer is the Great Tata of GMA Network,  (the creator of songs in Encantadia)   This song was recorded by Jonalyn Viray (Filipina singer and actress) .  It is about losing someone you love to somebody else... so its a bit sad with a feeling of acceptance in the lyrics " I know there's no sense In holding on too much to something fading" :(. "Help Me Get Over" is the theme Song  from My Husband's Lover (Philippine Drama ). As I did not have the sheet music (difficult to get in Australia) ,  I did an arrangement by ear and programmed the orchestration on the Technics Keyboard.
I didn't know the song  2 weeks ago, but I applied the techniques in my other blog to learn the song quickly.   Amazing what one can do with technology.  

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