Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How dizzysfingers Music blog got started.

I've been planning and contemplating doing a dizzysfingers blog for sometime but just wasn't sure how to go about it. Last Saturday , August 24 , Maria Victoria Galang , sent me a link to a blog
  "The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells". It is an informative blog for couples planning their wedding .

To my surprise it featured dizzysfingers music video of "Ikaw"  and some interesting background info.
 here is the link Wedding~Planning~Adventure~Music  It is quite impressive and would recommend you to check it out.
 I expressed my appreciation for her work , mentioned my interest  in doing a blog and might need some help one day.  The next day,  Maria sent me logos that got me inspired to get started.   So I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Maria Victoria Galang, for her assistance with the dizzysfingers logos used in this blog .  These are the graphic art logos that got it off the ground .

                             logo with the Technics Digital Piano that is used for the music videos. 

logo used as watermark.

Our Day Begins And Ends On A Happy Note

check out dizzysfingers youtube music videos.


  1. I have heard so much about you (all good things). Please continue to inspire truck loads of people with your songs and thoughts. More power to you and best of luck to all your future endeavor.

    1. thank you for your comment Yerzy. It is much appreciated. Kind Regards

  2. Sir Dennis, Thank you for your kind words :-) I wish i could have done more. And congrats on your blog.. its nice

  3. Thank you for your comment Maria, much appreciated.
    Pleased with the way the blog turned out. kind regards.