Sunday, 25 August 2013

"Our Day Begins And Ends On A Happy Note "    

This is where  dizzysfingers Music arrangements will be posted.
There will be other features such as
* Lyrics with Chords
* Sheet Music ~ dizzysfingers arrangement  Piano with Guitar chords
* Easy Play Music with notation on notes
* dizzysfingers Mp3's
* Understanding MIDI and applications it can be used for.
* Tutorials on how to play tunes
* Tips on Playing & Performing
* How to get Cruise Ship Gigs and travel the world
* How to get into a music career.
* Arranging orchestration / sequencing and keyboard programming.
* Other suggestions and  notable music links.

Popular "Fly Me To The Moon "     322,663 views

All about Dennis:
Dennis Dizon, the blogger behind dizzysfingers,  is a pianist, arranger and Performer.   Dennis worked in the Australian Music industry as a Keyboard Sales Manager for Brashs/Allans group  for 10 years.
Dennis was the Director of  Dizon's Music. which operated a music school and retail store for 10 years.
Dennis has performed at concerts , played  at 5 star restaurants and  completed 2 contracts with Cruise ships as a solo pianist travelling to several countries in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia.

The youtube channel dizzysfingers began in  June 2007, as a demo for a music agent. As more videos were uploaded,  the channel created a lot of interest  generating over 6,500,000 views and growing.  Here is the link : Youtube /dizzysfingers. 
There are constant request for music for Dennis to do and  the list is now several pages long.
It is good to know that  the music videos have been beneficial for pianist, singers and other musical instrument players to learn from , sing or play along with.   Another channel  dizzysfingers1 was created in 2010 with a view of diversifying the music videos.  Here is the Link: Youtube/dizzysfingers1
Both channels (dizzysfingers and dizzysfingers1 ) are partnered by YouTube.

Subscribers and music lovers, have  asked to use dizzysfingers music and videos for youtube covers, competitions, shows, weddings, relaxation spa's, at a dentist waiting room  and at funeral services.
It really is amazing how far reaching the Gift of Music extends.

Because of the  many requests from subscribers and keen music students for dizzysfingers arrangements and mp3's the idea of the blog came about and  it is time to do it.  here it is.   enjoy

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